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The History and Diverse Use of Weighing Scales

The use of weighing scales is prevalent from a long time but the weighing methods have got highly precise only recently . Initially the main intention to design these scales was that an accurate commercial deal could be achieved and the importance of these scales is still intact. The need to weigh different objects has been constantly arising since older times for the purpose of trade. This was especially true when the need to weigh food for the purpose of trading it for construction materials arose . These weighing scales and their importance was accredited by the people of societies in Mediterranean and Asia in 1000 BC. History says that stone is the very first unit of weighing things .

Currently, weighing scales serve the purpose of measuring mass/weight of specific objects . In market, there are so many designs of weighing scales and the one with simplest model involves a beam and a axle which is there for balancing the objects with the help of the other one particularly. However, thanks to the advancement of technology, some of the most advanced scales are designed to use digital calibration . This ensures that the reading received is accurate and easier to read . There are as many uses of weighing scales as its kinds and many industries are immensely using scales for their functioning .

The use of weighing scales in the commercial industry is one that cannot be overlooked . In this case, these are used in the food and restaurants industries . Vegetables, fruits and meats are supposed to be sold by pounds and when an item cannot be weighed accurately to determine its actual weight, this causes major losses . Considering highest money making food businesses, the cost of the food is 1/3 of the average sale price. This clearly shows that food and labor constitute 50-70% of the sales . Consequently, the slightest miscalculation in percentage can have a negative impact on the profit made by the business . Hence, one can not fail to notice the importance of weighing scales.

Health is also an area of use of weighing scales. These scales are essential for the purpose of weighing and determining the growth progress of a child for instance . A person’s body weight can also be measured and it can be determined whether he is over or under weight . This end cannot be achieved unless the appropriate weighing scales are used to determine the weight of the said individual . Some weighing scales are purposely designed with the technicalities in order to meet this end and the health experts are advised to get those weighing scales after carrying out a research to use them for such measurement.

More importantly, weighing scales are used in the science sector . A large number of chemists deal with some chemical equations and these often call for the weighing of specific concentration amounts and substances . If one wants to get accurate results, use of weighing scales become mandatory. We can get a reference from the example of table salt which is composed of approximately 0.2 grams of NaCl and 0.8 grams of water. This is mainly to make sure that the sodium you get is exactly 20% . Considering there are different uses and applications for weighing scales, it is safe to conclude that there are different scales in the market as well . Hence, one should first go through all the designs and models of weighing scales thoroughly and then make a choice to buy one. Weighing scales are used in diverse other industries and applications than the ones mentioned and consequently, they are considered a necessity.


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